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Is JBD officially supporting PHP 8.1.x ? Security Support for 8.1 ends by end of Nov this year and some hosting providers might force an upgrade to 8.


I have tried switching from PHP 7 to 8 but getting php errors on the search results page and listing page.


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Yes, some clients are using with PHP 8.
What warning/errors do you receive?

Looks like some custom template issue that php forgave under 7 but not 8.  So all good.

I confirm I am using JBD v5.7.4 on Joomla v4.1.5 and PHP 8.1.7  with no problems and with super speed results.

Thank you @joe for confirming this.

I updated to PHP8 and suddenly I am unable to edit offers and events since I get the following error:

Unsupported operand types: string - int

Any idea why and how to fix this?