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Hi this Magento forum doesn’t work well for preventing spam posts and is not good for customers that want to discuss about Joomla Business Directory to get distracted by these irrelevant posts that really disturbing.

Admins can you please do something to stop this increasing spamming posts?

There are measures to do to stop this.  Maybe change to a better Joomla 4- Kuena forum with StopForumSpam, Akismet and Joomla registration ACL control? And its free.. https://www.kunena.org/docs/en/faq/stopforumspam


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We're working to block spam messages, we'll continue to imnprove.

Ok good bcs that create trust or not showing how active you are in the forums and customer support here...

Agree with ssnobben.

People wanting to purchase CMS products will think that management does not actively support the forums.

At least that is what I think when searching for a script to purchase.



This issue has been fixed. We should not have any spam on the forum.