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David Erickson Total posts: 4 Joined: 04/21/21 12:59:58

If I add any number other than 0 as the Activity Radius for a business listing I am getting the following error on the front end business listings:

Unknown column 'activity_radius' in 'having clause'

Posted: 04/21/21 12:59:58
David Erickson Total posts: 4 Joined: 04/21/21 12:59:58

Does anyone know how long it normally takes for a reply to questions on this forum?  I noticed that most questions seem to go unanswered.  Is there a better way to request support?  


Posted: 04/22/21 09:48:46
Gabriel Mazin Total posts: 17 Joined: 12/27/20 09:11:31

Hello. I strongly suggest that you open a ticket, the support there is better and faster. Here on the forum I have rarely had questions answered or seen (lately) questions being answered. It looks like the forum is a little off.

I'm not on the CMSJunkie team. In my directory I tried to reproduce your error, but it is normal. Either I did something wrong to reproduce and try to help you or the installation is normal.

Do you have the latest JBD?
Did you try to perform a clean installation in another folder with another new database?

Your error appears to be querying the database, I would try a reinstallation (back up or install in another folder that will not harm your main JBD installation).

Do me a favor: describe exactly where in the settings that option is. I will try to reproduce again. However, submit a ticket nonetheless to expedite your support team's receipt of help.

Posted: 04/22/21 10:18:01
David Erickson Total posts: 4 Joined: 04/21/21 12:59:58

Gabriel, thank you so much for trying to help.  I just submitted a ticket to support.  I hope they can help.


I am on version: 5.5.8

I just installed the component on Joomla

The setting is called: Activity Radius.  On the Location tab of a business listing.  "Admin - backend"

Posted: 04/22/21 13:44:17
ssnobben ssnobben Total posts: 507 Joined: 04/22/19 07:03:42

Yes this forum is more for discussions between users and we try to help each other and sometimes also CMSjunkie staff join to explain things.


If you need support that is urgent and you have problem to solve them by the manual https://cmsjunkie.com/docs/jbusinessdirectory/index.html or forum discussions you should always open a support ticket bcs that where you get the support.


Posted: 04/23/21 07:18:08
George Bara Total posts: 1787 Joined: 06/17/13 05:09:54



Please update to the latest version of the directory extension.
If the issue persists for you please open a ticket.


Posted: 04/26/21 11:28:40