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I installed the JBusiness Directory Quickstart (5.4.12) and using the default Home menu selection, the location search fields are operational, Category Slider slides and icons are clickable and the Featured Businesses are functional as clickable objects. Further down the home page, the Latest Businesses "View Details" buttons work.  Then to bring things up to date, I:

  1. Updated J! from the base QS version 3.9.23 to upgrade to 3.10.4 - all is well
  2. Back up taken - all is well (obvs)
  3. Updated the QS version if JBD from 5.4.12 to the latest 5.6.9
  4. Noted update error message:
    1. Error: One process associated with the update has not been performed sucessfully. Please run the install again
    2. Updating Component was sucessful
  5. Reinstalled j-businessdirectory_5.6.9.zip
  6. Noted:
    1. The directory database structure is out of sync. Please update it by clicking on the 'Update database' button.
    2. Updated database
  7. I checked front end and all was well
  8. Updated SPPageBuilder Pro to Pro version 3.8.2

Following step (8), :

  1. a) location search fields are not operational (entering with cursor does nothing and I cannot type or choose any options)
  2. Category Slider does not slides
  3. Category icons are not clickable
  4. Featured Businesses are not functional as clickable objects.
  5. Further down the home page, the Latest Businesses "View Details" buttons do not work.

I noted a Helix Framework update from 1.1.2 to 2.0.6 and applied that update but to no effecr

Clearly SPPB Pro is conflicting. Console reports no apparent errors.

Has this been seen before and can it be resolved?


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I think you said it all but can I confirm the following:

   - Joomla v3.10.4

   - JBD v5.6.9

   - SPPB v3.8.2 (current v3.8.3)

   - Helix v2.0.6 (Helix Ultimate is only at v2.0.5)

   - PHP v??? (I am using 8.0)

I am using Joomla 4 and do NOT have these issues.

Make sure to clear ALL your caches!



Hi Joe

For confirmation:

   - Joomla v3.10.4 {Yes}

   - JBD v5.6.9{Yes}

   - SPPB v3.8.2 (current v3.8.3) now v3.8.3  {Yes} same issue though :(

   - Helix v2.0.6 (Helix Ultimate is only at v2.0.5) my J! CP shows 2.0.6 - I have installed Joomshaper's Helix Template and see this:

    Site Template 2.0.5 Feb 2018 JoomShaper.com N/A   10129
    Site Plugin 2.0.6 Feb 2018 JoomShaper.com system   10099

   - PHP v??? (I am using 8.0) : 7.4.27

I am using Joomla 4 and do NOT have these issues.

- I'm on latest 3.10.4

Make sure to clear ALL your caches!

All caches cleared (Chrome) and also same results in FF with cleared caches.

I can offer a SU login if it helps you? Securely of course!


It looks like you have done most troubleshooting you could do.

If you have CMS support active, you should open a ticket and let the CMS Gurus take a peek.

One difference we have is the PHP version.



When you update from the free version to pro version, SP Page Builder is adding an overlay over the page sections.
You need to edit each section and set the overlay to none. This will fix the issue.

Thank you George. I'll look at this tomorrow but it does beg the question 'why does that happen'? One for Joomshaper perhaps?


cheers C

This is mostly an issue related to SP Page Builder extension. On Pro version, they activate more features that create the issues.

I can confirm that the upgrade to SPPB to Pro version does indeed set "sections' to have an overlay. That is an easy fix but sadly sub-pages now return E404! Ah well, I will have to stick with non-Pro for now until a fix arrives!

I confirm the E404 issues on Joomla 4 as well after updating SPPB yesterday.

I did not upgrade from non-Pro to Pro.

I updated from Pro to Pro.

All my business listing pages are going E404.