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George Bara Total posts: 1781 Joined: 06/17/13 05:09:54



The issue is usually generated by the browser cache. Please clear the browser cache and try again.
Some of the js files have changed from the previous versions and the upload will not work unless the new files are loaded.

Posted: 04/26/21 11:29:50
ssnobben ssnobben Total posts: 493 Joined: 04/22/19 07:03:42

Did you resolve this?


I have not had any issues with this so maybe check with server set up etc also. But do a support tickets is the fastest to get going..



Posted: 04/26/21 06:32:28
Brandon Hillman Total posts: 1 Joined: 04/19/21 16:49:05

Upload Photos - Logo, Main not working after update

Posted: 04/19/21 16:49:05