J-BusinessDirectory - Beta testing - Autoplay and Autoplay Speed gallery pics JBD menu (List view style 7)

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The Autoplay and Autoplay Speed could be set up by the JBD Business directory module "mod_jbusiness_listings" but not with the JBD business listing menu for this menu listing. ie 


listings default list view, List view style 7


It would be good to be able to also set the business listings gallery photos there with some similar slider options for Autoplay and Autoplay Speed also for this photos slider. As now when you have many photos there users dont see and understand there are more photos to see there.

What you think?

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Thank you for letting us know. We will add a setting for this.

ok good.. still waiting hope for next release It would be nice

Can you check how well this working with mobile view too ?


seems not to work on mobile view though.