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Robert B Total posts: 202 Joined: 07/31/18 05:34:12

Hi Ora,


I used the incorrect title, I mean Company Editors... I changed the title and my message from Content to Company :-)



Posted: 05/09/20 02:19:58
ssnobben ssnobben Total posts: 507 Joined: 04/22/19 07:03:42

Hi Robert do you use JCE content editor (pro)?


Or what do you mean by content editor? For me its in the descriptions fields you can have a extern editor like TinyMce or JCE or other inline editors like Ark or NextGen editors.






JCE have a lot of permissions that can control your editor preference. Profiles, images etc

Posted: 05/09/20 02:13:31
Robert B Total posts: 202 Joined: 07/31/18 05:34:12

I'm very pleased with Company Editors option, introduced several version ago.


Have some remarks, as Company Editors:

- The dashboard isn't showing any listing, but available under listing.

- When creating Campaign / Article/ Announcement (maybe others), receive remark that no listing is available or unable to select.

- Company Editors has permission to Delete a listing

- More items, like access to billing details,...


Suggest to have better implementation of CompanyEditors and able to set permissions.






Posted: 05/07/20 06:29:54