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Mike Barr Total posts: 367 Joined: 06/25/13 07:47:01

Hi Brad, 

Please send us your Joomla and FTP login via the contact form and we'll run couple of tests. 

Posted: 09/29/14 21:52:24
Brad Karl Total posts: 2 Joined: 09/01/14 20:03:06

I tested the Subscription by joining my website and found some issues. These issues have been eluded to in other forum posts but do not finish the same. All goes well in the transfer to Paypal and using my personal Paypal account to pay for my subscription. And thats where it ends. I get emails from Paypal confirming my payment, but I do not have the options to create a user Name or Password for the website subscription. There is no activation email from the website and the account uses Paypal Name and email for website's account name and sign on name.

I have checked on Paypal and it is not retrying so the Firewall is not stopping this data issue.

I am using Joomla 2.5.22, and the basic User and User Manager that comes with Joomla 2.5.

There are no options in the Application Settings or Subscription Plans to turn on or off Account Details. App Settings just allows the choice of List or Grid and the Subscription Plans do not have any choices for account username and password. See images