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whycreate anaccount Total posts: 6 Joined: 07/02/12 17:24:36

I figured it out, I had modified The Author account so I could port groups over into JFusion as they only use Joomla existing groups not custom groups, well in the permissions Site login was disabled, as your plugin was linked to that group, but after back tracking found it all of it works great now, thanks for your help, again love the plugin has made it simple to setup and use, and alot better than the free subscription components out there keep up the good work.

Posted: 07/27/12 12:13:43
whycreate anaccount Total posts: 223 Joined: 04/05/11 13:35:43


What do you use for login? The default Joomla login?
If you change the password for users created with PayPal Subscription Pro does it work?  

Posted: 07/27/12 04:55:59
whycreate anaccount Total posts: 6 Joined: 07/02/12 17:24:36

Hi I have the subscription working, it emails with user credentials saying user is activated and can log in, I go back to log into site and receive a "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet." but it is in the users management when I look in backend, do you know what might be causing this, I am also using JFusion to bridge my PHPBB3 site, it creates the users in it and pulls over the group that your plugin sets them to that I have configured, and all, when I check this, it is syncing all that stuff, but not sure why those users cant log in, I can create one manually and they can login fine and it syncs to the forum and logs them in automatically...Do you think it is a compatiblity issue with JFusion, I have not disabled it to see yet wanted to contact you first.

Posted: 07/25/12 13:05:36