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I am trying to migrate a Mosets Tree site over to JBusiness Directory. I can of course easily export a CSV file, which includes both listings and categories. Is there a way to get that easily into JBusiness Directory?

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I used Mosets long time ago and never migrated anything from it so I have no idea whats the best way to do it.

If you install JBD first then you can set up the same categories etc as you had in Mosets tree. Then you can export your JBD categories etc and get a csv file for example and then update that file migrate it from Mosets and then import it to JBD.

That would be a solution. :) pls update us how you succeeded



Thanks for your response. Yes, that was my thinking (if I had to do it manually). My question was more whether there was a) a tool that could perhaps reshape the CSV automatically, or b) whether anyone else had done it and had some tips. 

I believe the CSV will need considerable reworking before it can be imported. Also, I am not sure how to handle uploaded images.

Please check https://www.cmsjunkie.com/docs/jbusinessdirectory/businessdiradmin.html#import-with-images


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