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My apologies as I am a novice but have been a CMS Junkie customer for years.

Installation:    Joomla5.x, JBD 5.8.16, Gantry 5 framework, Fresh install on everything.

I continue to receive an error as I attempt to import a CSV file of business listings from my original site.

I have looked over the documentation and forum posts and I feel I've done everything I've seen recommended.  I've attempted to import the entire file (over 900 entries), I've copied and pasted a small number (5) of listings into a fresh export also, and it failed.  All of the categories are identical to a fresh export of the existing CSV, the ID column has been deleted and there are no added attributes.

Please advise on how to proceed.


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Please create a ticket on our store and provide us the CSV file to check it.


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