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I want a seamless registration process meaning i dont want the user to login during the registration process, i want the user creation to be automatic: 

I have set up the following:

Allow automatic user creation: Yes

User login position: Before listing creation

Custom registration: Yes


I experience that the user are created but i receive no email with userid and password. But instead i receive an email telling me to verify the email-address. 

This is not logical. The user will not be able to log in later cause the lack of login information.

What am i doing wrong, or how can i fix this?

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Seems like a good order working process and this must be a bug then. Hope you can sort this out can create a support ticket and this will be fixed in next release.

Pls let us know if you got this working...

All the best!

Did you get this to work now? See this bug in Joomla and dont know if this is related too https://issues.joomla.org/tracker/joomla-cms/42482

*** There is also a bug on JBD Quote Requests that doesnt send email to the person that doing a request of confirming sent request and also JBD Quote Requests doesnt send email to the listing business owners for doing Quotes.

The Quote Request does show up in JBD backend admin of Qoute Requests index.php?option=com_jbusinessdirectory&view=requestquote&layout=edit&id= but showing "Listings contacted"  0 .

Listings contacted: 0
Nr of applicants: 0
No company has applied for the quote yet!

JBD 5.8.15, Joomla 5.0.1, php 8.1.25


It would be good if there is a review of the listing an email will be sent to the listin owner to approve it nor not. As now there is no notification of there is any reviews pending for approval in the backend too so you dont know if you have 1000 listinga and get 500 reviews per day and that workload is better to user listing owners to take care of.. https://cmsjunkie.com/docs/jbusinessdirectory/businessdiradmin.html#id26


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