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I am definitely looking for suggestions and ideas from the community.

I have a fairly large J4 site www.asbn.ca using Community Builder to manage and screen memberships. Memberships are free but they must be involved, in some way, with the automotive aftermarket industry, which is why I use the CB reg. form to screen applicants.

One major component is the J Business Directory to contain all commercial business suppliers, manufacturers and service providers who wish to connect and do business with the businesses that serve the public.

At present, all suppliers must sign up to be part of this network, which includes a free ad in J Business, which is okay.

The issue is that there is a higher majority of local businesses that may not be interested in being involved with this network and are only interested in doing business. (building and property maintenance, accountants, etc.)

The question is how I can allow them to place their free (basic) ad in the directory without going through the network application. I also have a Premium Package. 

I had thought of having J Business on its own site, which could be more flexible, but for those who wish to be part of the network would mean having to register again, or creating some sort of a bridge to connect and transfer data to CB on the network site.

There is the Joomla reg. form, which is simple, but can it be used along with the CB form under these conditions?

I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.


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I found an answer.

Using CB Conditional, I can adjust the reg entry fields for a member classification 'Advertisers Only' and keep everything else the same. Everyone needs to create an account anyway.


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