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I have just purchased MyDirectory for my website and in the instructions there a QuickStart mentioned but when I attempt to download it, in my download area there's a link to download the template alone but sadly there's no quickstart link available.


Please can you provide a quickstart link.


Many thanks


G James (iHubbi)

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Hi James,
To get the quickstart you would need to purchase the directory extension as well. businessdirectory
You currently have the template.
Let us know if you require anything else.
Marius B.
Helpdesk Specialist

I just teied to order the database extension and I used the SuperSave discount code as it says on the home page that this discount is available on EVERYTHING.  Sadly it doesn't seem to work.  please can you help out?


G James

same frown

The quickstart has been sent by email. Please let us know if you have received it.


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