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When i backend/manually create a business listing, i notice that it is not visible on the frontend.

I open the business listing backend and i see the following text: Package features will be available on front-end only when the order associated with the package is paid.

I then go to the Order list and filter on Order Status. Here i can see only the option Cancelled and 2 other "blank" options (no text). This is probably the problem. When i select the first of the blank option all the business listings that are created frontend are displayed. When i select the second of the blank option the manually created business listing are displayed. So this means that the manually created listing have a wrong Order Status.

Problem is that i cannot see these two order status, i can only see Cancelled. Possible a language variable missing.


Please let me know how to fix this. 

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When a listing is created, an order is created as well with a require payment status.
If there are no free lifetime packages available the listing will not be shown unless a valid order is present.
Please delete the blank orders and let the system create a new one.


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