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Hi guys,


some thoughts about VAT taxes setup.

I wonder how you add correct VAT for users that sign up to your listings and you will have one VAT standard where your location for the business portal you have I guess. So if you have your listing portal business in Canada you set up a VAT % for that there I guess with people that sign up as Canadians etc? How you do if they come from other countries with different TAX VAT, people from other countries still sign up for the Canadian tax or their local tax and if so how you set that up?

Is this working in conjungtion with the different payment processors as well?



The taxes section allows you to create multiple taxes based on value or percent.The taxes can be applied to multiple countries if needed.

You can create multiple taxes based on the services that you provided and based on the countries that are provided.

The taxes will be added to the product/service amount when purchased by a client.

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In the directory general settings you have the possibility to set the VAT for each country.
You can do this also for taxes.

OK thks for this info. I didnt see this before and seems like its new there.. I will check and see how it works.




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