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Not Set 1 year ago
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Not Set 1 year ago
Hi, You have received the download link by email after purchase. Please let us know if you need anything else. ...
Last reply by George Bara 1 year ago
tee alvin 1 year ago
If you are using one of our templates, please edit the template details and on the blog section disable the social media. ...
Last reply by George Bara 1 year ago
Michael Zittel 1 year ago
J-network template is causing this error.   Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params ...
Last reply by Michael Zittel 1 year ago
Yianni Kiromitis 2 years ago
Thank you for the quick solution. ...
Last reply by Biraj sonu 1 year ago
Andre F. 2 years ago
Hi, The issue has been fixed. ...
Last reply by George Bara 2 years ago
Jasmine K 3 years ago
It would be good to hear from a dev on this please, about how to get the rows level. Also, the packages page supplied in the Quickstart file doesn't have the same packages display as the online demo, i.e. no slighly taller/lower middle column. &nbs ...
Last reply by Jasmine K 2 years ago
Shinichiro Matsukuma 4 years ago
Could you elaborate a little? ...
Last reply by Shinichiro Matsukuma 3 years ago
Media Flair 4 years ago
Hi Milo,   Yes a quickstart with the template and SP Pagebuilder Pro should be exactly the same as show case so if something wrong you have the wrong quickstart package. Problem could be with hosting sometimes otherwise this is a quick way to ...
Last reply by ssnobben 4 years ago
Design Boy 4 years ago
Hi,  We don't have any template by the name jd_berlin.  ...
Last reply by Mike Barr 4 years ago
Robert B 4 years ago
You're welcome! Glad I could help!  ...
Last reply by Mike Barr 4 years ago
Jonathan Blindell 5 years ago
Hi,    IF SEO is set to yes on directory general settings you need to set also the menu item id located on SEO tab. The menu item id is to let Joomla know which menu item to associate with the business directory extension since Joomla doe ...
Last reply by George Bara 5 years ago
Brooklyn Sweet 6 years ago
Can there be a way to use a different profile or user system then the one that comes with jclassied? like if I wanted to use community builder or easysocial and intergrated it with your temple is there a way? and I mean user profile in the control pa ...
Last reply by Brooklyn Sweet 6 years ago
VERONIQUE 6 years ago
Last reply by VERONIQUE 6 years ago
Alan S 6 years ago
If you want to know about the How to add google analytics code to the template. we provide the Best Digital Marketing Service for your business. Visit the website for more information. ...
Last reply by Mahira Singh 2 years ago
Larry Holdsworth 7 years ago
Is there a way to have the logo change (size, color etc) in the sticky header when you scroll down the page? In other words its a larger version and color of the logo on the top of the page when you first hit the site. But as soon and you scroll down ...
Last reply by Larry Holdsworth 7 years ago
Robert Bishop 7 years ago
Hi,   The texts can be changes on the J-BusinessDirectory Search module. ...
Last reply by George Bara 6 years ago
Richard Hemmings 7 years ago
Hi,  You can add your own sufix for css classes and define the changes for it add them in the custom css. ...
Last reply by Mike Barr 7 years ago
Jeff Sheffer 7 years ago
Hi,   You will have to use a SEF extension for Joomla. ...
Last reply by George Bara 7 years ago
Brian Parks 7 years ago
Hi,  All the used template positions are displayed on the Layout tab when editing the template in the backend. Is this the information you are looking for ?  ...
Last reply by Mike Barr 7 years ago

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