How to Optimize Your Business Listing In WordPress for Better Search Results

How to Optimize Your Business Listing In WordPress for Better Search Results


Optimize your WordPress title

As Google and other search engines are heavily relying on the title, it is a must to optimize your title for the best. You should create a title with high-resolution images and high-frequency words that Google and other search engines will be able to understand and rank your website accordingly. In order to optimize your WordPress title, you can either use a WordPress plugin or the edit post settings to manually optimize your title. If you want to go for the latter option, you can do that by filling the word count in the title and link to your page using the alt text. If you are using a WordPress plugin, you can go ahead and add a custom meta description for your page. You can also consider adding a custom meta description using Google's meta description algorithm.


Optimize your meta descriptions

You are likely not going to optimize your business listing post as much as your about page and your header because the latter are much more short-term. You are likely going to prioritize this one because you are more focused on the impact on people searching the web. However, it is important that you are optimizing your blog post meta description too because people often bookmark these descriptions on their blogs. The fact that your about page will have a lot of keywords also tells people what your business is all about. So, you need to give it a mention on your meta description. Hate all your meta descriptions as they don’t make any sense? Not anymore, because they can make your blog SEO. If you are going to spend $75 on a plugin like Yoast SEO, use it here.


Write valuable copy

If you look up the word “unmarketing,” you will notice that it has the word “product.” Every SEO expert knows that you need to write informative content if you want to attract new visitors and increase conversions. That’s why when I’m writing SEO articles and giving tips for other companies, I am always asking myself: “Would my readers find this useful?” The answer is usually yes, so that’s why my answer is always yes. No, I’m not writing to get upvotes on Reddit. I’m writing to educate my audience so that they can get the most out of their website and leave a great impression. Wearing all of these hats and balancing all the aspects of an SEO marketing campaign can be hard to do, but it is doable. You just need to pick the right tactic for the right objective.


Optimize your images

Even if you don’t have a lot of text on your site, it’s still a great idea to use an image when possible. Images are a great way to increase your site’s visitor-to-page-view ratio. Why? If people are engaged with your blog, they will continue to return to it because they are entertained, interested and so on. By using images on your website, you increase the possibility of getting your visitors to return on their next visit. If they return to your blog on your next visit, you will be able to grab more visitors. If your website is set up correctly, a good image can rank in Google in seconds, leading to huge results on the SERP.


Add social media and RSS feed links in the header

You’re going to do this once. It will make sure that when people search for your name, they are automatically directed to your website with one click. What’s the main benefit? Because you will be directly linking to your website in the top spot in your content, your website is going to be more visible. Use 301 redirects for optimized URLs When a website has wrong URLs, it is much harder to rank for the keyword. You can find out why 301 redirects are so important by reading this helpful article. Google will notice that your link is moving. By changing it to the correct URL, you will not only improve your SEO but also your conversion rate.



Optimizing your website for SEO and getting good search results is important. We have outlined a number of steps you need to take to optimize your WordPress site for better search results. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this post in the comments.